Daina Damberga (Laboratory of Optical Biosensors and Functional Nanomaterials) talks about her valuable experience in Italy:

“This summer I had the opportunity to go to Pisa for 2 months to learn the method of electrospinning at Linari Engineering and the University of Pisa. At the university, I collaborated with a master’s student to obtain precisely shaped nano-fiber coatings and aligned fibers in the framework of his master’s thesis.

I went here to learn (myself) a new method for obtaining nanofibers, but I was able to do much more. I learned 3D pen, trained my English skills, made new contacts and met cool people. At the end of this trip, I presented and taught the basics of electrospinning to a new potential employee of the company, as well as I participated in the ASI Council meeting through Skype to apply for the position of a research assistant.

The hardest part of all this (apart from understanding Italian public transport) was getting the courage to present your results and discuss further work with strangers who are experts in your field. I take this as a valuable experience and contribution not only to my own, but also to the future of Latvian science, because my knowledge and newly acquired skills will be useful in both existing and future projects.

I am grateful for this opportunity, Roman Viter, Horizon2020 Nanosurf Project Manager, and Linari Engineering and the University of Pisa. ”