Yevhenia Husak, representative of Sumy State University and active member of NanoSurf consorcium, involved in double PhD programme between Silesian Technical University and Sume State University.

NanoSurf consortium in cooperation with CanBioSe consortium participated in NAP-2021 and organized 3-days special section dedicated to biomaterials and nanosensors.

Roman Viter and Maksym Pogorielov involved as Invited Speakers in “Biomedical Perspectives-II” student conference in Ukraine and share the new findings of NanoSurf project.

Student and PhD candidates from Sumy State University, involved in NanoSurf project realization, reported their findings in local student conference.

Research students from Sumy State University took part in Student scientific conference in Istanbul, Turkey. They delivered research results of new metal allow biocompatibility.

Professor Leonardo Orazi (UNIMORE) and Professor Maksym Pogorielov (SSU) shared research results in dentail implant LIPSS treatment during the SMT-33 conference in Italy.

Yulia Varava, research student of Biomedical Research Center, and Professor Maksym Pogorielov disseminated research results of NanoSurf project.